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If your school concurs that “time is money,” please allow School Ally to save you both time and money. School Ally offers simple and cost-effective solutions to streamline administrative processes that often keep you from what matters most, your staff and students.

Hiring Ally, our hiring software, eliminates the need for manual processes such as sifting through piles of resumes and tracking application status updates. You’ll gain more time to focus on finding applicants who are the right fit for your school. Our software provides real-time analytics allowing you to track how your hiring process is progressing and make data-driven decisions.

Budget Ally, our budget-tracking software, simplifies the purchasing process for each of your school’s department budgets, optimizing your school’s financial management and improving fiscal transparency.

Hiring Ally

Say goodbye to tedious manual hiring procedures and hello to an intuitive cloud-based HR platform that makes hiring top talent a breeze.

Focus on What
Really Matters

Finding the Right Fit for Your School

The Perfect Hiring Solution for Your School

Hiring Ally is a cloud-based application that helps you manage the hiring process at your school from start to finish. Create custom forms for all the information you need to collect for applicants, and also create a custom workflow tailored to the process you have your applicants go through.

Save time and improve efficiency by having all the data you need in one place, and by knowing exactly at what stage each applicant is at in the process.

& User Friendly

Hire the Best Candidates with Ease

Why You’ll Love Hiring Ally

  • Save time with an all-digital streamlined application process for new hires.
  • Customize all forms, workflows, and email notifications in detail.
  • Once hired, keep track of staff information and also renew contracts.
  • Import current staff members into the application, and also export any of their data.
  • A fully cloud-based solution with easy setup and management—you don’t need to install anything.

Screen Shots

Hiring Ally

View of Applicant 

The main view of a single applicant in the hiring portal. HR administrators can see all the forms assigned to applicants on the left side and the completion status of those forms. They can click on a form to view the form data on the right side.

Send a Professional Reference

Applicants can send out a request for a reference. The system will automatically send an email with a link to a form that only the reference can fill out and won’t be visible to the applicant.

“Approve” action for an Applicant

In this customized “approve” action, the interface allows for a customized email to the applicant that tells them they have been approved to go to the next stage of the hiring process. The software will then change the status of the applicant to the “Approved” state.

Add Tasks for an Applicant

As part of the approve action, the HR administrator is able to assign particular forms to an applicant. A default selection of forms can be decided upon, but extra forms can be added, or specific forms can be removed.

Applicant Portal

What an applicant to your school would see as they progress through the forms. The forms assigned to them are customizable, as with the text on the right side.

Applicant Filling out a Form

An example of an applicant filling out a simple form on the applicant portal. They can save their progress any time and when they have completed the form, they click the “Submit” button. The system also periodically saves their changes in the background.

Sending a Customized Email

Customized emails can be sent out from the system. The text can have a template and is editable before sending.

Action Dialogue

This shows the action dialogue for a particular applicant, which shows when you click on an applicant in the list. These actions are all customizable and are shown based on the status of the applicant.

Budget Ally

Empower your school’s administrators and staff with our cloud-based budgeting software – built to simplify the purchasing process, optimize your school’s financial management, and improve transparency.

Streamline and Optimize Your Budgeting Process


Purchasing Power

Budget Ally is an application that helps you manage all aspects of your school’s department budgets.
You can:

  • Set up budget limits for each department, roles for each member of the department.
  • Create custom workflows from purchase request to approval.
  • Improve the productivity of teachers and staff by streamlining the process of purchasing needed supplies.
  • Save time and understand better where money is going in your school.

Budget Ally is a powerful budgeting tool designed specifically for schools. Here are some of the key benefits that it can bring to your school:

Allows for delegation of responsibility for your school’s funds.

Save time with an all-digital streamlined approval process for school purchases.

Avoid confusion about purchases teachers and staff need to make.

Improves transparency. Enabling Administrators to easily track spending across the whole school.

A fully cloud-based solution with easy setup and management—no need to install anything.

A Smarter Way to Manage


Streamline the Process and Boost Efficiency

Why You’ll Love Budget Ally

  • School administrators set up budget accounts for each department in the school for a given budget year. They set up who oversees and who can approve requests for each budget.
  • Approvers manage their budgets by setting the members of their department, creating spending categories, managing the approval of requests, and tracking spending.
  • Anybody who has access to a budget can submit requests for purchases that they have made or are going to make. Approvers are notified and can then approve or deny them. Custom workflow rules can be set up based on request amounts or budget constraints.

Once the request has been approved, an official purchase order is generated for the requester to give to a vendor or the school finance department.

Screen Shots


Budget Overview

The overview of the budget(s) to which you have access. You see how much is spent and what is remaining.

Budget Requests

A view of the requests in a budget. At the top you see an overview of the spending in each category of the budget, while at the bottom you see each budget request.

New / Edit Page

The Edit Request/New Request page is where a user creates or edits a request, filling out all the particulars. Once submitted, a notification will be sent to the budget approver.

Account Edit

The account edit page allows the approver or supervisor of the budget to edit the amount, give permissions to users, and create or edit categories.

Configuration Portal

The configuration portal pages allow customizing the system to work to your schools specifications.

Approver Page

The approver page for a submitted request. An approver can see the details of the request and make a decision to approve or deny the request.

Streamline Your School’s Hiring & Purchasing

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